My laptop screen becomes black-purple colored with some vertical cyan lines

Hi... See this:

(When laptop is on)
(When laptop is off)


My laptop is actually become weird. I don't know what happened but when I opened it and was totally shocked that my latop is behaving like this as you can see the preview above. A still large black patch and some colored horizontal lines is appearing.

I think there is a graphic problem or my laptop is completely dead?

Some things and questions to mention:
1. My laptop screen acts a vey very little change when I move my display up and down.
2. I use to play big games on this. Could it be the reason?
3. My laptop is of dell i3.
4. It looks like dark ink + cracked display of the laptop (but actually it isn't cracked).
5, What are the solutions of this?

You can ask me further questions.

Thanks guyz.

Hoping a nice answer.

Abrar Ahmed
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  1. It looks like the display has been hit or dropped, and one of the inner elements of the display has cracked.

    You should be able to get a replacement panel for that machine (you'd need to find the model number) and replace it.
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