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I'm a little bit confused with my system/CPU and why I can't get it to overclock very much. It seems the most I can overclock my i5 4670K to is 4Ghz. Any higher and the PC acts up, freezes or resets. It won't even let me increase the voltage either. I tried increasing it by a tiny amount - from 1.000 V to 1.005 and I instantly get a 'blue screen of death'.

I understand that results vary from computer to computer when overclocking components, but could there be something else I'm missing in this case? I mean, the system won't even let me TRY increasing the voltage a tiny amount to experiment. Could my PSU be partially responsible too?

Also, it seems with every GPU I've bought, I've never been able to overclock them by very much, and the results have yielded no improvements to game performance from I can tell.

Any suggestions would be appreicated.
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  1. Here is a guide that is available on Tom's


    As for overclocking the GPU, it can result in performance increase, but it depends on what card you have, what your current limiting factor is, as well as other factors.
  2. Pl provide your system specs
  3. You're voltage is way to low. you are lowering it from stock not increasing it
  4. Spec:

    i5 4670K
    Asrock Z97 Extreme 4 mobo
    8GB DDR3 1600 RAM
    EVGA GTX 760 ACX 2GB
    Windows 7 Home Premium
    Antec TP-550 TruePower 550W

    Lowering? I thought it had to be increased? :o
  5. it does have to be increased, but when you are entering 1.005v you are lowering it compared to what it runs stock.
  6. Oh. That's... strange. I mean, I was pressing the + button when I did it. o_O

    Anyway, I tried following that guide the best I could, but no-go. "/ The bit that says 'Set Vrin also called "CPU Input Voltage" To 1.9v - 2.1v', it won't go that far. It only reaches +0.400 V.
  7. Dear, before doing any OCing based on that guide, clear your mobo's CMOS and reset every thing to its default.
  8. Yep, I made sure to reset everything to default within the BIOS. I take it I need to adjust the jumper on the mobo as well?

    My motherboard does have some software with it - Asrock A-Tuning - and I got it to autotune, but the maximum it managed was 4.10GHz.
  9. Those autotunes usually don't result in that great of an overclock, it is best to do it manually. Also, it is a good idea to clear cmos by either removing the battery or using the clear cmos jumper on the motherboard, it makes sure you don't miss any settings when returning to stock configurations.
  10. Okay. I'm still concerned about the Vrin/CPU Input Voltage part as I can't increase it to what that guide says. Also, some of the names of the different voltages in that guide are either missing from mine or they're named differently, so I'm not 100% sure.

    From the screenshots I've provided, could someone clarify which ones need to be changed and to what? It would be much appreciated. :)

  11. I'm at work, can't look at those images from here, hopefully someone else can give a hand.
  12. Could my PSU be the cause of not being able to increase/decrease my voltage? I don't understand. My motherboard is a 'Z'97 model and my CPU is a i5 4670'K' chip. Overclocking should not be a problem. Maybe the PSU isn't powerful enough? "/
  13. Sir, I would still encourage you to go into the BIOS and do the overclocking there.
  14. I've tried that. Through the BIOS and through a program called A-Tuning. No matter I do, no matter what voltage I set, the system locks up.
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