PC black screen boot with 2 flashes of blinking underscore

Hello guys :)

Recently my computer has been having cooling problems causing my system fan to go crazy, so after switching parts through trial and error I deducted that it was my liquid cooler not working. After replacing the part, my computer now seems to hang on a completely blank screen after having the blinking "_" flash twice (literally always two times)

After swapping more parts like the CPU, PSU and GPU I still had no results. I also tried swapping ram out one at a time but that also had no effect.

I get the feeling it might be a motherboard issue which scares me a little so if it is I may just have to build an entire new pc. This one is a 4 Year old Alienware Aurora R3 so that may just be the better option.

Any help would be appreciated and if any information is required please let me know.
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    Go through the checklist -

    Then post your build - every component make and model plus OS and monitor.
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