Motherboard only have 1 (3-pin) case fan connector

Hello everyone ! I have a problem today, i'm about to buy a new case but, my Motherboard only have 1 (3-pin) case fan connector. And i want at least 2 fans in my case to cool down my PC.
I saw another (3-pin) connector that is called PWR-FAN, what is this for, and can i plug a case fan into this connector ? if not, please tell me if there is a possibility to connecte over 1case fan in my PC. Thank you :D
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  1. PWR-FAN is just a case fan connector
  2. Hi owismail
    what is your motherboard ?
  3. It's an ASUS P5E-VM DO, here is the link :
  4. check page 1-35 on your mobo manual , this will explain what these headers are
  5. I read it, so i can use the PWR-FAN connector to connect a fan case ?
  6. Best answer
    you most certainly can
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