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Ok I got Primme95 and HeavyLoad

The thing is when i start Prime95 for 48 hours the CPU gets to 63 degreese max

But with Heavy Load it gets to 67 (again for 48 hours)

I was using CPUID HWMonitor to monitor the temperature

whole week the weather outsite is the same (sunny 31-32 degrees)

The temp in my apartmant is permanent 25-26 degrees

I think one of the program isnt accurate but which one?
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  1. Why do you think this is abnormal? Why should both programs stress your CPU as much as each other? How do you even define running a processor at 100%? Doing what form of task?

    I'm sure if you run another stressing program (Intel BurnTest or something) you will get a different temperature again, depending on how your CPU handles that certain type of task.

    I wouldn't be worried, those temps are fine, and being only 4 degrees apart is pretty darn close in the scheme of things =)
  2. When 2 stress programs give you 100% usage of your cpu, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is stressed the same way, hence the different temperatures. Try Intel Burn Test and beware as it is quite HOT!
  3. Prime95 is great!
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    Prime95 is great but intel burn test at maximum settings may give you an extra 15 or more degress celcius...
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