Another reboot and select proper boot device error...

Hey guys,

First time poster here and sorry but I need help!

I’ve acquired some pc bits. No idea of their history, all I know is that hasn’t been used for about 18 months. I’ve been given a motherboard, 4 gig memory, Tower case, DVD Drive and graphics and sound card.

Theres enough to get a pc up and running. Looking to put XP on it for the time being for my son to use. I’ve got a 500 gig Sata drive ready to go into it.

Heres the motherboard make

Originally, I had a lot of trouble with the ‘black screen and flashing underscore’ in the top right.
Anyway, that has now changed to the “reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key”

What I’ve tried so far

Resetting CMos

Taking the battery out and putting it back in

Trying a different hard drive (old 40 gig IDE).

Replaced the IDE cable with a new one.

I can get into the bios and change stuff. I’ve mucked about the boot priority so show my dvd drive as ‘number one’ priority to install windows. But nothing.

To get into a windows environment I’ve even tried my old copy of Windows 98 but its still comes up with the ‘reboot…’ error. Even tried Linux

As an act of desperation, I even borrowed a copy of Wondershare Liveboot 2012 which ironically does boot the pc but I get the impression this is for more for people who have windows already on their hard drive when this is a fresh install.

I’m beginning to think that the CD/ DVD drive may be on its way out and I’m very near to getting a new SAtA one but before I go down that road, can anyone give me an indication whether I am missing something. It’s a lot of kit just to through away (which believe me, I’ve been tempted to!!!) as its so frustrating!

Many thanks. Oh and Hello! 
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  1. Post your build - every component make and model plus OS and monitor.

    IDE? gawd!!! 40Gig!!!!

    How much do you want to spend max on fixing this?
  2. The DVD drive could be bad or maybe can't read the disk or it may be too old to boot properly with that motherboard. Sometimes setting the SATA mode to IDE (AHCI is probably the default) will fix this and you may need to do that anyway to install XP. Try setting SATA mode to "IDE" in the BIOS.
  3. Cheers for the responses

    yep, the 40 gig was just to test all options, no intention of using it as the main drive. It was a drive I just had hanging about. I want to use the 500gig sata. I've tested both hard drives and they are both fine with no errors.

    Havent got all the specs with me, only that the motherboard is as per the link. I'll put the the processor up when I get home. The 4 gig memory is (i believe) 4gb OCZ 2 x 2gb PC2 6400 OCZ2RPR8004GK DSG REAPER GAMING Desktop Ram DDR2 memory

    Sorry for the lack of info.

    As for max spend, as little as possible to be honest but then again, it was free! Full prepared to get a SAta DVD drive however. I'm also going to get a new battery for the bios just in case.

    Sata mode is set to IDE in the bios

    Whats bugging me is that its a reasonable amount of kit (well, not by todays standards but enough for what I need) there isnt any reason for it to come up with this error. The joys of getting an old pc eh!

    The fact that it boots Liveboot has thrown me as well.

    Random question, for the current dvd drive, do i have to set the jumpers to master? They are on slave at the moment (despite me setting the DVd drive as 1st priority)
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    Looks like that board has only one PATA channel? If so then try setting the DVD to 'slave' and the HD as 'master'. That might have something to do with your problem too, master/slave settings can cause flaky issues with detection and booting. Will it boot the Windows CD when no hard drive is connected?

    Beyond that just get another CD/DVD drive. The fact that it booted anything at all but won't boot most disks suggests it is being properly configured by the BIOS but just can't read very well, old, untested CD drives are 50/50 at best.
  5. Take the battery out and replace it. That is a 2006/7 model. Battery life is about 5 years.

    Just the DVD drive on the IDE cable, I would put the drive on the end of the cable and set jumper to Master.
  6. Whatever you want to boot on should be master.

    It'll be interesting to see what you're playing with.
  7. Thanks for all the responses people, appreciate it.

    Got a new dvd drive on the way (as well as a new battery!) so hopefully it will help.
  8. Hi all, just an update

    I bought a new dvd drive and battery which cost about £12 all in and.....

    Its working. It came up with the boot error first but then I remembered to redo the priorities.

    Many thanks to all for the pointers. Much appreciated.
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