ping spikes when pinging default gateway!

From past few days while gaming online i noticed ping spikes, normally i used to get ping <20ms but from few days i get ping spikes till 500ms that really destroys the gameplay.
Afterwards i noticed that i am connected to two networks, so i did "ipconfig" to check my default gateway and saw that i have two default gateways
when i pinged routers ip address) i got these results
but when i pinged the other gateway the results were normal with 1ms ping.
Now i dont know what is the problem! i searched on the web but no clue please help me how to solve this as i am very frustrated.
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    hey, having multiple default gateways can cause connectivity issues, the second gateways is there encase the primary gateway fails. first try doing a ipconfig /release then do a ipconfig /renew on your cmd. if that fails then you must delete one. go to cmd and type "route print" then type "route delete" also i believe you can go to you Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections then click the network and hit properties ipv4 and click advance and remove the default gateway
  2. Thanks a ton brother :)
    that route delete worked and now i have 1 default gateway and also i dont get ping spikes when i ping to default gateway :) thanks :)
  3. No problem, Glad I can help
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