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Hello, I've recently come into possession of a dell XPS 420, as I understand it's about 5 or so years old, I was curious as to wether or not I could upgrade my motherboard from a dual core to a quad core, I don't mind having to change power supply and everything else, as I was planning to do it anyway.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and help.
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  1. Do you mean upgrading the cpu to Q2C from D2C? here is the list: (Also you may not find the new lga775 Q2C cpu)
    MP626 Kentsfield Quad Core Kit, Q6600, 2.40G, 8MB, 1066FSB, G0
    MP627 Kentsfield Quad Core Kit, Q6700, 2.66G, 8MB, 1066FSB, G0
    UP673 Kentsfield Quad Core Kit, QX6700, 2.66G, 8MB, 1066FSB, B3
    RX656 Kentsfield Quad Core Kit, QX6800, 2.93G, 8MB, 1066FSB, G0
    PW016 Kentsfield Quad Core Kit, QX6850, 3.00G, 8MB, 1333FSB, G0
    C863D Yorkfield Quad Core Kit, QX9300, 2.5G, 6MB, 1333FSB, M1
    C864D Yorkfield Quad Core Kit, Q9450, 2.66G, 12MB, 1333FSB, C1
    C865D Yorkfield Quad Core Kit, Q9550, 2.83G, 12MB, 1333FSB, C1
    C299C Yorkfield Quad Core Kit, QX9650, 3.0G, 12MB, 1333FSB, C0
    H786G Yorkfield Quad Core kit, QX9650, 3.0G, 12MB, 1333FSB, C1

    But if your mean for upgrading the MB, and you need the new MB, case, PSU, because the del xps 420 is the BTX fromat, which is not compatible the normal ATX format.
  2. careful it only supports upto a 1066fsb
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