Will CPU Heatsink cable touching ram heatsink make isolation melt?

So i just placed my new NH-D15 on my 4770k
But i noticed that on of the cable is very close ( touching the ram heatsink ) can it cause damage to cable?
My ram is 16GB HyperX beast 2400MHz
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    It shouldn't. Honestly, you probably don't even need the ram heatsinks any more. They are just a holdover from DDR2 when the Ram did need the extra heat dissipation. DDR3 runs cooler, but since people are used to seeing the ram sinks, they don't feel comfortable buying ram without it.

    However, you'll be getting air flow over the ram with the fans from your cpu cooler, which will keep it cooler and there is no reason to think that it would get warm enough to melt the cable.
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