500USD budget gaming build(no streaming, 1 monitor)

I am illiterate at building a PC,could you offer some builds?
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  1. And your saying you only have 500$? For this build?
  2. Does your budget include the OS, monitor, mouse, and the keyboard?
  3. Well the build should range 500-600 USD.I have keyboard, monitor1280x1024 (that ought to do it for a while, right?) and mouse already, and retail OS isn't needed, is it?Some people offered me this build:
    1 LT is about 2,5 USD so the build would cost 530 USD.How will it perform at gaming?Can it be improved withing 600 USD range purely concerning performance, not utility?.Thanks in advance.
  4. The link isn't working.
  5. Well that looks OK, but you should really get a 2x4GB kit of RAM if possible. Also, a better power supply (XFX or Seasonic) would be good if you can afford it.
  6. 1.Which power supply would you recommend then?
    2.Isn't 4GB ram enough?
  7. Kirilenko said:
    1.Which power supply would you recommend then?
    2.Isn't 4GB ram enough?

    1. What site are you buying from?
    2. No, not for modern gaming.
  8. Kirilenko said:
    It's in Lithuanian so...
    2.Which games do you consider 'modern'?

    1. This is the one I'd recommend: If you can't afford it, just get the one in your original link.
    2. BF4, the Crysis series, Watchdogs (and pretty much everything graphically intensive released within the last couple of years).
  9. 1.Yeah I can afford it, but I must ask why do you recommend it over Corsair CX 420?
    2.I'm not interested in those games so I think I'll be alright, plus I will be able to add more RAM in future with this motherboard, right?
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    1. The Corsair CX units use bad capacitors, that may cause heat and longevity issues. It's still a good unit if you can't afford anything better.
    2. Yes, you'll be able to add more RAM later.
  11. Thanks man, much appreciated
  12. No problem, have fun building/gaming :)
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