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New PC, sudden in game graphics issues

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
June 16, 2014 8:15:47 AM

War Thunder
So I've been playing War Thunder for about two weeks, and until a few days ago this wasn't a problem, it may have happened after a recent patch but I'm not exactly sure, there's been about two or three patches since this started.

I have recorded exactly what happens so you can see, but if you cannot view the video, it's that the indicator for where bombs are going to drop flickers around frantically and I can't stop it no matter what I've tried, it also happens in the bomb view, in which the screen jumps around like crazy and it's near impossible to aim bombs with. This also happens at loading screens, the view flickers a bit when I move the mouse around to show the different pictures moving. This happens too with things such as scores coming up on the screen, such as when I get a hit and it says 'hit' with the amount of points and lions I got next to it, the text will stay on the screen and flicker on and off for the entire game, however, I didn't get to film that.

Here's the video for you to see, skip to around 1:30 to see the actual problem, before that is just me showing my graphics settings in the game and also demonstrating that everything else works fine.
I will also attach a dxdiag to this post.
Vsync is off usually and when I turn it on this still happens :( 

When I first set up my new PC, it ran Smite perfectly on high settings, however, I stopped playing and went to other games for a while and now that I try to come back on Smite, the game won't even start up.


I've seen videos (such as this one)
That show people with the same APU as me getting pretty smooth FPS on medium settings with Battlefield, however, when I play battlefield 3, on the lowest possible settings, I still struggle to get the FPS seen in the video. I've the same processor and the same amount of RAM as seen in the video.

I've got a feeling something has gone wrong with my set up or the drivers and the GPU isn't running nearly as well as it should any more
Please help, thankyou.

Best solution

June 16, 2014 9:41:55 AM

I wanna Know your pc or laps specs

if it is less in fans or if its a sleek case
it will mostly be the problem of overheating

try dusting your componets with a soft brush and cleaning the air passage and the fans

if this even doesnt work it will mean that the overheat has done some kind of damage

but please first get me the specs of your pc

and do a test around this app

and post the results here

if you can
June 17, 2014 4:31:55 AM

Problem solved! AMD overdrive was enabled, overclocking my APU, turning this off fixed all issues