2x4Gb vs 1x8 gb price to performance difference?

I'm looking to buy Kingston 1600 MHz ram with the options of 4gb and 8gb

Now my mobo has only 2 ram slots and 8 gb will cost me about 1200rs( about 20$) less than 2 4 gbs..I will only be playing games on my desktop. Now I have read the performance difference might be 5% to 10% lesser in case on single 8 gb. But is it really gonna affect the overall gaming performance? Since I have cutdown on the processor also, chose i5 4570 over 4670 saving few bucks. I hope these things combined wont ruin and degrade my gaming performance. Do note I am willing to spend those extra bucks if 4gb x2 will really make a difference.
I play with a hd7750 at 720 p resolutions and soon will replace my GPU with r9 270x

Do give your suggestion guys, what should I do??
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    The 2x4GB will give better performance overall, but for primarily gaming with your rig the 1x8GB should be fine and doubt if you would really notice any real difference - in gaming DRAM is more a data conduit than anything else
  2. Alright thanks, going with 8gb module only
  3. Let us know how it goes
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