G.Skill TridentX, MSI Z97x-SLI, Scythe Mugen 3 - will this fit?

Hello folks, as I'm about building my new PC and some components are already set on, I need some help about the possibility of building the rig as I thought of it.

Set components are:
CPU: i7 4790k, intending to do slight overclocking
Mainboard: Gigabyte Z97x-SLI (due to the awesome price/performance here in germany, relatively to other boards)
Scythe Mugen 3 - already got this one.

and now I'm about to get the last component, the ram. It'll definitely consist of 2x 8GB sticks and should not top 160€ but still have 2133-2400mhz with a low cl. Looking around, I've seen the G.Skill TridentX 2400 Cl10 kit suggested various times, going well with Haswell. With 146€ they are also in my budged, so nothing to worry about, right?

Well, the part I'm not sure about is if they will fit into my pc, as the sticks are tall, together with the Mugen eating quite a lot space. I do not care about optics, so I would take off the fans if that helps. Does anyone know more about if they will fit together? If not, what good alternative would there be to the TridentX kits?

PS: This is what got me worried:

Edit: Forgot adding main usage for the pc - it's going to be video editing with ocassional gaming. I'm horribly sick of 6 hours rendering for a 30 min hd video, haha.

Edit2: Is a 500W power supply going to be enough? Above spec with at least one Nvidia 660 GTX TI
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  1. Help! Noone with experience about this?
  2. Hi DubbleClick
    The trident x are good memory but very expensive , you do not have to aim that high for what you are trying to achieve
    go for low profile ram to avoid any issues , although the heatsinks on the tridentx are removeable
  3. if you are worried about the image remove the heatsink from the tridentX closest to the cpu heatsink
    the tridentx heatsinks are removeable
  4. Not really what I've been looking for, I knew I could remove the fans, my question was if the sticks would fit together with the mugen 3 without having to lose dual channel ability. However, I went with 2400 cl11 g.skill ares kits now, probably running them on 1866 cl9 1.5v first and trying to get 2400 cl10 (unlikely) or 2666 cl12 after a few years, when I oc my cpu.
  5. you will not loose duel channel memory by removing a ram heatsink ?
  6. Unluckily the the kit won't fit under the cpu even if I removed the top. It's still about 4-5mm too high. So, unless the cooler not blocking the first two ram slots (which might be the case) it would be impossible to run tridentx in dual channel, as I couldnt place them in either of the first two slots.
  7. Best answer
    that is a shame , quite a few people have trouble with that heatsink
    the ares are low profile so perhaps you will have better luck with them
  8. Yeah, turned out Ares line perfectly fits under my cooler.
  9. way to go m8 , glad it all worked out for you , all the best
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