Can somebody give me a step by step list of what to do while setting up my PC after building it?

Can somebody give me a step by step guide of what I have to do after building my gaming PC?
This is my first PC I have ever built. I have studied plenty on how to build the PC and what all the parts do but I haven't really looked at what I do when setting up the PC.
(I am going to use Windows 7)
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  1. 1. Check all connections and remove all tools before powering on.
    2. Access your motherboards' BIOS menu and check the stats, make sure everything looks OK.
    3. Insert Windows 7 DVD and install.
    4. Do a mountain of windows updates and install all your drivers.
    5. Get your game on.
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    I can't give you Step by Step. But there is a channel called NewEgg, that has made a 3 part how to build a pc. Part 1 is getting the parts, part 2 is building the pc and part 3 is setting up all the programs (os).

    Here is the link.
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