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Hi, yesterday I ordered the last piece in my computer motherboard Asus VII Hero. The building was without problem. The problem occurred when I tried to connect speakers and headphones. In the back of the board several connectors I put the headset into the green and the microphone of the headset in pink, but I do not know where to plug in the speaker jack, it only remains orange, blue, black, gray. If it was not I would connect the speakers to the motherboard and into the headset jack on the computer case, but I really do not want to because I would like to take the Supreme FX audio on the motherboard. Sorry for the grammar, but Google Translator ......
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    well, the green jack is the place your speakers should go /it is made for the two front speakers/.
    and on the mobo there should be a connector to the front audio panel on your case - that is where the headphones/microphone should go.

    as for the rest colours -
    blue is the line in
    orange are for the center and subwoofer
    black is for the back speakers
    and grey is for the sides.
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