Question about AMD board and Nvidia GPU.

This is a profoundly stupid question but I've never had an Nvidia GPU before and plan to buy one to replace the AMD one currently in there.
My question is about drivers, what do I need to uninstall, since I'm using an AMD cpu on an AMD board, as far as I know Catalyst kinda ties into the chipset drivers right?

The chipset drivers are available on the ASUS website for this board, but I never bothered to download them since it's borderline 1GB and I had the assumption it was one of those board-freeware packages. (I did separately install the USB 3.0 drivers mind you).

Would I just need to uninstall the Catalyst software and replace it with the Nvidia equivalent and call it a day?
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    Uninstall the Catalyst software, use a driver cleaner program, switch the cards, then install the Nvidia drivers. The motherboard won't care about the brand of card.
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