I'm building a new PC! Is everything compatible? Any suggestions?

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  1. change the ram for a 1866 mhz and more
    after that everythings is compatible

    i just notice you have the ram forget what i told you for the ram EDIT 04/07/2014
  2. Looks pretty decent to me. I don't know why you wouldn't go with a Z97 and a 4670k or 4690k, it shouldn't be too much more money and would be better for longevity. You also don't really need a 750 watt supply so you could save some cash there and get something like a 550 or 600 unless you are planning on going SLI/CF in the future, in which case with the 290x you might want a 800 or 850 instead.
  3. in terms of your pc case i ill suggest corasair graphite 600t on 650d.
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    get the 700w for future upgrades also your build is beautiful maybe you should water cool. Also get a lighting version of the r9 290x trust me you wont regret it. Yeah 1866-2400 ram is best dont waste money one 3200ram because it does nothing. Also a 4690k cost 209 at newegg now. Also get a ssd 128gb or up to 240 or 256gb is good
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