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Hi guys, I am upgrading my system and am going to reinstall Windows. I want to use an SSD as my boot drive, while using my HDD as a storage device. Here are the specifica-
-I am going to use my SSD as the boot drive, while also using it to store any game save files, preference files, and smaller applications such as Chrome, and basically anything located in the Libraries, AppData, ProgramData ect.
-I want to use my HDD as a device just to store large applications, such as games and my Steam library.
How do I get it where I store the applications, like games, on my HDD and get them to use preference files and save games from my SDD? 120GB isn't large enough to store my 800GB Steam library :P.
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    A 120GB SSD is fine for your OS and all applications, obviously apart from games.

    Within the Steam client, you can designate multiple locations for where you want games installed. Obviously create and use a folder tree on the HDD for this.
    Other applications, install where you want

    For your Libraries - Docs, Music, etc....see these:
    Win 7 & 8:
    Win 8.1:
  2. Just about every program allows you to set up where you want it installed during the installation process. In cases like Steam, you can setup a specific folder for installations in the options/settings menu.

    As for the saves, I'm not aware of any way to change where a game saves, though in my experience games will automatically save to somewhere on the SSD anyway.
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