SSD won't boot from Intel sata ports.

Hi every time I try and boot Windows 8.1 from the Intel Sata ports it comes with an error message saying 'Your PC did not start correctly'.
My motherboard is the Asus Maximus VII Gene and I am attempting to boot from a Samsung 840 EVO 500GB SSD.

When I first built and installed my OS I used the Asmedia Sata ports on the board and I've heard that it is usually better practise to use the Intel ports. If I switch back to the Asmedia ports the PC boots fine and there are no issues.

Anyone know what this could be?
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  1. windows loaded the driver for the asmidia port. try booting into safe mode and install intel chipset software also check to see if you installed the drive in raid mode or achi or ide. achi is the correct mode.
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    Check the BIOS to make sure the Intel and ASmedia SATA ports have the same setting. Also it could be a driver issue; uninstall any ASMedia SATA driver and boot with the standard Windows driver
  3. Thanks guys, I deleted the ASmedia Sata driver, updated to the latest Intel chipset sofware and rebooted my system. The same error appeared but I used the Windows 8 start up repair and it managed to boot into Windows.
    Only issue I've had so far is that I installed a bunch of software using Ninite and that seems to have disappeared so I'm going to reinstall everything, reboot a few times and see how it goes.
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