How to take advantage of a SSD and HDD

I have a 60 GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD and i just realized that everything i downloaded was going onto my SSD. I know i want my SSD to have my OS and other important things on it but how do i store things like games onto my HDD?
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  1. simply change it on install, there is an option that say where to instell if your SSD is your "C" Drive change it to your HDD probably the "D" drive
  2. Steam, and I think Origin, allows multiple locations for game installs.
    Other applications, select the location as you are installing. Don't just accept the defaults.

    For redirecting Docs, music, video, etc...see this:
    Win 7 & 8:
    Win 8.1:
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    In different applications you can choose the destination folder for downloads or installations. Browsers, P2P for downloads. For heavy softwares and videogames you have to choose a different directory than default.
    What I recommend:
    1. Make folders for Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos in the HDD and replace the default locations with these. Folder properties>location>add new location>select and apply.
    2. Make a Downloads folder in the HDD and set it in the configurations of the apps that usually download content from the net.
    3. Make a folder for heavy stuffs like software and videogames in the HDD so you have room in the SSD for the OS and light apps of common use, like browsers, mediaplayers and the like. (since you have only 60 gbs and the OS takes most of the room with the base installation and updates)
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