GTX 660Ti Video crash on resolution change

Hello, pretty sure similar questions have been asked before but this one is really stumping/annoying me since I have not been able to find a solution for it.

The PC is brand new except the video card, DVD drive, monitor, and Power supply.
Clean install of Win8.1, updated all drivers and BIOS

MB: Asus Maximus IV Hero
CPU: Intel i7 4770K (no OC, yet)
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 16GB
GPU: GTX 660Ti
Monitor: Samsung 245b 1920x1200 native
PSU: Thermaltake Black Widow 850w
Heat: Idle (20C CPU, 40C GPU), Loaded (40C CPU, 80C GPU)

During high utilization during games, the rig will heat up to the loaded temps above, but the games will run fine without any crashing. Appears to be fully stable while playing...

The trouble comes in when the screen resolution changes for any reason. It has happened after returning to the PC from work where I use remote desktop, it also happens when the screen resolution changes, while installing new video drivers, and even when the Windows UAC popup comes up, the screen will go blank and my monitor detects no signal from the video card. I know the PC itself is running because I can remote desktop in to it and see everything is running fine.

The only way the PC recovers its video in this state is sometimes if I unplug the DVI cable from the video card and replug it in, but usually doesn't restore until I do a reboot.

The same video card has been used in another PC without this problem, but the old PC had the same issue with my old GTX 560Ti card... I'm starting to think it is my monitor, but would a monitor problem cause an issue with my video card not outputting signal? Monitor drivers have been updated and the PC detects the monitor fine...
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  1. Monitors are capable of producing the issues you are having, try running some benchmarks and see if you can stress a crash.
  2. @Mind Games
    I'll give some benchmark software a try and see how it does. Although usually I can force it to go by just opening up some software like Speedfan that triggers the UAC.
    I've had this monitor for about 5-6 years now so it could be on its last legs...
  3. Ran some benchmarks to stress the video card... and it would not crash.
    Went to play some games and activated speedfan so I could track my temps and when the Windows UAC came up, the screen went black and would not recover. Had to reboot this time.

    Been thinking of getting a new monitor for a while so I went out and got one. So far no problems, will report back if there is.
  4. Went out and got a new monitor... looks like that may have been my problem.
    Two days and no video dropping to black screen anymore with actions that caused it to drop previously.
    Now I just have to get used to the 1920x1080 resolution over my previous 1920x1200.
    Lost some screen real estate here...
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