Dual SSD Bracket to 3.5 - Will it get hot?

I am thinking of buying another ssd so i can raid 0 for mainly max capacity and a little more performance. To setup the two i thought of trying this dual ssd bracket on ebay and not sure if any of my ssd's would overheat?

I have a OCZ Vertex 4 256gb - Buying 240gb V300 kingston

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    A dual bracket will work just fine.
    2 x SSDs in RAID zero is very useless, though. You gain zero performance benefit, and add additional complexity.

    Adding another SSD is fine. No need to try to RAID them.
  2. I agree with USAFRet, you will get no performance boost. If anything it will decrease very slightly, as the CPU has to decide which one to hit for a given block. I would suggest getting a bigger drive and selling the original. Make sure you note how old it is to the buyer, since they do have a limited lifespan.
  3. Oh i have no worries over the performance or complexity, its easy to setup on my mobo and the only thing i gain in the end really is transfer speeds to and from my hardrives and i backup my computer every month using macrium reflect which works wonders. Ill try them raid and if i see no differences or problems occouring, ill probs just revert to non raid using reflect which is quick and easy.

    Thanks for your answers.
  4. Quote:
    and the only thing i gain in the end really is transfer speeds to and from my hardrives

    Transfer speeds depends on the slowest device in the chain. In this case, your HDD. It does not matter that a SSD RAID 0 array can transfer data at 8 bazillion Gigahopties per nanosecond. If the HDD can only accept it at 200Mbps (typical HDD data rate), that is what will happen.
  5. that is true above but yea, i transfer alot of stuff towards my ssd so its fine i guess.
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