if my system can run battlefield hard line beta can I expect similar performance for battlefield 4?

Hi I'm a battlefield 3 gamer on a rig that consists of 8gb ddr2 800mhz ram, phenom x4 9850 @3.1ghz, MSI HD 7770, 120gb Kingston v300 sad and 1tb segate bericudaa and I get frames from 30-65 on bf3 with a mixture of low and medium on 1080p my question is if I can play battlefield hard line beta decently could I run battleifled 4 the same? I'm talking 1080p everything on lowest
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  1. dunno
  2. limitzvfxgoespc said:
    thanks man for the fast response
  3. 40 FPS on medium
  4. Yeah but on low.
  5. Should on low. Hardline is only the Beta so far. It's unpolished and the maps are about a quarter of the size so it can't really be put side to side with BF4.
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