fans and leds turn on. replaced psu to no avail. unplugged everything but motherboard and cpu. how do i tell which ones faulty

While i was surfing web my pc sparked and then shut off. naturally i assumed it was the psu and went out and replaced it only for the fans and leds only work for a second with no sound or boot up screen. i removed the sticks of ram one by one testing it after each one for it to only spin the fans for a second. i removed my graphics card and also tried booting it up for the same thing to happen. is there any way to test which part i need to replace?
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  1. You might have posted the make and model of your motherboard. Then I could have looked up it's specifications and checked to see if it came with LED diagnostics.

    Then I might have been able to suggest you check those to see if they shed light on your problem.

    Failing LED diagnostics, I might have suggester you could consider acquiring a PCI-based diagnostic card and see if that gave you a clue.

    As it is, I will (as so many others) simply read your post, weep (for you, for your dead PC, and for the lack of information) and then move on to see if I can help someone else - perhaps someone who do provide relevant information to the problem at hand.
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    Well, you said it sparked as in short circuited / burnt out / went up in flames yes?.. and you also said you tested mainly everything... you replaced the PSU, you tested the RAMs one by one... you removed the GPU... that doesn't leave you much :) It's either the motherboard or the CPU.. and you also said there wasn't any sound.. as in no beeps... so I would probably guess your CPU burnt out from probably overheating... probably because your heatsink was full of dust...
    But these are all just guesses, as Karsten pointed out you didn't give much to go on :D

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