Is 850 watts 80 plus bronze enough psu for 780 ti evga sli?

I have 850 Watts and I have one 780 ti and I just need to know if that's enough. My processor is a i7-4770k 3.50 4.0 turbo.
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  1. Depends which 850W bronze PSU you have. Not all 850W PSUs are equal. A good one will do just fine, a poor one may meet an early end.
  2. lol i think its enough....
  3. Hi GlaspeyLawson
    The GeForce GTX 780ti requires a psu with 42A on the +12v rail and a 600W PSU minimum
    you have enough wattage no probs there even with an overclocked cpu, what is your psu ? , i can say definate yes or no
  4. Yes you can run it...

    No, you really shouldn't.

    The Psu will lose total output overtime and age quicker when being maxed out. It also causes ripples when not at its native efficient load and could cause damage to those beautiful components.

    Put it this way:

    Compare the cost of replacing two 780 ti and the difference in upgrading to a decent 1k Psu and you have your answer ;-)

    Go forth and conquer!
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