Freezing PC - Very Slow

I built my gaming pc about 7 months ago and have put a few games and a lot of videos on it the last
2 months it has been freezing 5-6 times a day and i have to restart the computer, it freezes while I'm playing games or doing anything. it always has slow boot up and freezes a lot while watching game recordings, my specs are,

MSI Z77A-G43 Motherboard
Intel i53570k
WD Caviar blue HDD
Nvidia GTX 760
8GB kingston 1866mhz Ram
CORSAIR 600GS PSUWindows 7 professional

Thanks for any Help!
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    Run full antivirus scans by some top programs. Download Bitdefender/Avast/Avira. Download Malwarebytes and run full scans. Then run CCleaner and remove everything it finds. That should speed up your PC. If you have unused files on your PC then delete them.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    Ive got Trend Micro Titanium and i scan it every day

    Thanks though.
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