My PC Crashes when I play Battlefield

Hi everyone,
I have a high end AMD based gaming pc. When I first built it, it had one r9-280x and I play battlefield 3 all the time on it and I never had a problem with it, until recently when I purchased another 280x and crossfired it with my old gpu. Now every time I run battlefield 3 on all ultra settings my cpu goes up to about 70% and after like 10-20 minutes the game freezes and some ugly sound goes on for about 2 second and then it goes silent and it stays like that unless I have to press and hold the shutdown botton, I tried underclocking my video cards and putting my CPU on power saving mode (From BIOS) but it didn't help, and the game kept crashing. I also did a CPU and GPU Stress tests and benchmark and it didn't crash, it only happens during games (BF3 and BF4) Specifically. So I really don't know if its a processor problem or PSU, So Please help me fix this problem.

Thanks in advance :)
My PC Specs:
AMD FX-8350 @ Stock clock
8GB corsair DDR3 1866 x2
R9-280X @ Stock clocks x2:
Sapphire @1150 MHZ
Gigabyte @1100 MHZ
Raidmax RX-850AE 850w PSU 80+Gold
Corsair H80i Liquid cooling
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    If your CPU is not overclocked, it is likely a driver error. Uninstalling, sweeping and reinstalling the drivers might help.

    I would suggest downloading OCCT which is a stability testing tool, and running its tests, it can even do a test on the power supply by loading all of your components at once to see how your PSU handles it if you are worried about your psu
  2. Thank you so much for the awesome program. I actually had to reset the CMOS switch the video cards and change the cf bridge, and my problem was solved. Not sure at which point the problem was fixed, But its fixed :)

    Thanks again vortical
  3. Ok Listen Up.
    I searched for a VERY long time for a fix to this problem.
    Basically its NOT the graphic card at all.
    I replaced my graphic card with a completely new one of the same model (R9 280X)
    I even replaced my RAM just to check if that would work.
    The problem is to do with the OS, look IDK why but it is.
    I rolled back drivers with no success, I changed hardware with no success.
    The problem lies in the OS.
    So if you re install Windows 7 (Put old files on a external HDD), then install all old driver as per usual. I GUARANTEE a 100% Fix.
    Please reply to this.
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