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My friend's Computer was running Windows 8 6.2 , due to his insatisfaction with it.
He told me to delete Windows 8 and install windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit...and so i did..and the installation went perfectly fine,until when we were at the desktop i didn't expect that i was unable to find the Motherboard Model so i could download all of the drivers..the main problem for me is that "No Internet and no internet drivers are installed"...because if i have internet i could just run a program that would install all the other drivers..i was suggested a program named "CPU-Z" says the Computer Model/Motherboard Model...all i have to do now is go to ASUS website and search for drivers ,correct?
His Computer Specs
- Ram : 4,00GB
- CPU : Intel i5 3470k
- GPU : Nvidia GeForce GTX 660

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  1. yes

    go to the boards page and there will be a link to appropriate drivers
  2. Best answer
    Hi aciddemon123
    This is an easy fix :)
    download cpuz
    download 1.69.2 setup english , install it and run it
    click on the mainboard tab and that is your motherboard
    yep and then get your drivers as you say
  3. Okay, thanks everyone for you help, this website is really useful!!
  4. you are most welcome , i hope it all goes well for you
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