installing from nvidia to amd graphic card

Hi all, please could you help me with installing my new graphics card? i currently have a zotac geforce GTX 550ti graphics card and wanting to change to Radeon R7 260.

I powered off and replaced the Graphics card and installed new drivers through the website and restarted the computer, after windows had finished loading it said that it had switched user and I couldn't do anything(ie open files etc). i even uninstalled the nvidia drivers and still it wouldn't let me do anything.

my motherboard drivers are from the nvidia website and just wondering why its done this. The card is registered within the computer..

any help would be great thanks
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    Before you install the new card you must uninstall all Gpu drivers then shutdown your computer with Gpu drivers uninstalled then insert the new Gpu and turn your computer back on and install the new Gpu driver but now you have to uninstall all drivers and start over I'll use Driver sweeper to uninstall both AMD and Nvidia drivers and install the drivers with the Gpu you want to use already inside your computer.
  2. thank you
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