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Hey everyone new to this forum I've been reading up on some of the monitor problems other have had but I don't see a solution to mine. I have two ATI SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5770 cards connected together by CrossFireX each has two DVI Ports a HDMI port and another one that I don't know what it is. I was under the impression that you could run four monitors with these two graphics cards. How ever I am only able to get two monitors running and the second one keeps on flickering with a bar running horizontally down the screen that I think the monitor might just be going bad. Now to my question can these cards run four monitors or do I need to download another program. ?
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    2 monitors should be connected with two DVI connectors. Go to the Crossfire website faq to learn what ports to use one which cards. It's not as simple as just plugging them in, AMD and Nvidia both require you to use certain ports while in Crossfire/SLI.

    The other port is display port FYI
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