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I have a samsung laptop that I purchased a few years ago from new egg. The Laptop came preinstalled with windows 7. It has a stock 5400 rpm HDD in it. I picked up a Kingston V300 SSD for 50$ today and was wondering if i were to swap drives in my laptop from the HDD to the SSD could I use the System recovery media CD that was included with my laptop to reload windows 7 back onto the new SSD I want to put in the laptop? Or will windows give me some message that I am not using a verified version of windows 7 like I need to buy another product key. Basically what I am asking is can I reload windows 7 back onto my laptop with a new SSD without having to purchase a new product key? I have the sticker that was provided with windows 7 that contains the product key on the bottom of my laptop. I look forward to any feedback thanks!
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  1. a recovery disc probably won't work as the recovery option is part of windows so a blank drive won't see it right. If you have the original OS disc you could use that.

    You can always try to use the recovery disc and see what happens.
  2. Thanks for your reply! I have the recovery disk but I also have a copy of Windows 7 which is the actual installation disk. Could I use that to load windows on the new SSD and then use the product key from the bottom of the laptop to activate it?
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    that's what I would do.
  4. keep in mind the actual version of windows 7 that i have was used to install the OS on a desktop I recently built, but could I still use that?
  5. I've used the same version of windows multiple times with no problems. Windows is the same for laptops and desktops so there's no difference there.
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