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I have a computer that I want to find out its graphics capabilities without looking up on the internet my specific model of computer. I want to attain this skill and find out whether any of my computers has the capability of a dual slot card as I cannot tell if it is able to house one. I also want to know what a power connector for a GPU looks like. I already know that if I have a 300w PSU it cannot hold a 350w GPU, but that is pretty much all I know about GPU upgrades. Thanks for any help!
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  1. Open your PC case
  2. I know that, but how do i tell if it is a dual slot?
  3. See if there are 2 of them.
    What you need to look for is the pci-e x16 slot
    They're usually have some kind of clip on the right side and is quite long
    Pci-e x1 slots are short
    Pci-e x4 or slots looks the same as an x16 slot but they don't have that clip thing on the right
    Or just tell me your motherboard and i can tell you what it's got
  4. For space constraints (Such as dual slot cards) you just need to measure it to be 100% sure. Dual slot cards take up 2 expansion slots (The metal plates on the back of the case) etc.

    For power they are either A) Using power from the slot, B)Using a 6 pin PCI cable C) Using an 8 pin PCI cable, or D) A combo of C and B.
  5. I believe my motherboard is an ipibl-lb. My computer has two slots for it it looks like, one extra above it, but there is a mini-pcie port I believe ocupying that slot(with no actual card plugged into that slot). Will that affect weather it is a dual slot or not? The only other power connector i have besides sata and the older 4pin, is a 4 pin that i think goes to a floppy so I cannot get a gpu that has a power connector.
  6. With the slot bays empty lanes on the motherboard wont affect it.
    As for the slot spacing, you need slots below the card itself, so the slot the lane is in, and the one below it.
  7. Here's your motherboard layout right?
    That's a single slot board. The other slots are not for graphics card you can only use the x16 slo
  8. thanks a lot, so basicaly to have a dual slot card, you need to have two ports on the motherboard correct? So, for example if all the other specs matched, i could not get this card - correct?
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    The motherboard itself need one slot, the case has several plates there, which the plates on the card fit into. Those are what dictate dual/single slot cards.
  10. NO. To have a dual slot card you need a case with 2 slots that are unused.
    That card is supported with your motherboard
    Sorry if i misled you. I thought you're trying to use SLI/Crossfire
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