how can I fix my graphics card?

a few months ago I was given a GTX 580 as faulty. first it didn't do anything but display a corrupted image on the screen on post and then windows would BSOD, and after a reflow it works again fine for a while (1-5 days) and then dies again, and I need to re flow it again. I have been looking around online and most signs point to faulty VRAM, so I was wondering if it will be possible to get someone professional or even do it myself, to replace some or all of the VRAM chips on the card. temps are very hot when in use, ranging from 42'c idle when first booted, then went to a maximum of 88'c with battlefield 3 on max settings. I only have a gtx 650 to use other than this, so I hope that this is fixable, cause that means I don't have to buy a new card for the new rig I'm building. If it helps, the brand is INNO 3D. Here is a picture of what it looks like in windows, but when POSTing it is mostly just white and black lines.This picture isn't mine, I couldn't take it cause it is currently in the stage here it works.

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  1. so the Vram can't be replaced? I'd of thought that I'd only need the new chips and a soldering iron.
  2. It seems like your history with gpu's compares to mine before I had a ati hd 5770 all my gpu's died over a year or 2.
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