Want to ugrade my Video card not sure what is compatible

My computer cant handle very many games that I would like to play. My coumputer is the XPS 8500. I would like to be able to play those games and I know that in order to do that I need to upgrade my video card. I was wondering if my computer is compatable with most video cards. My budget is 200-500$.
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  1. some models of store bought computers [dell.hp,acer,ect..] may come with a ''locked'' bios and may not allow you to change certain hardware as a video card.. this is done to protect them from undue warranty claims and refunds .this is not done to hurt you but to protect them. you really need to see if that upgrade has been proven to work in your model first before you invest money in it .. there are a lot of these threads here at toms to look at some models will allow upgrades and some dont.. and a lot of guys here say ya ya ya when is really no no would be sad you spent $200 on a card that wount post after you installed it as most find out. then get told its your psu and you spend more and end up right back where you are now, but its up to you good luck..

    you got to know the the boards in these computers are not like the ones we use to do custom builds witch are open to upgrading with in the boards compatibly . the bios is custom made for there design and just for the parts they authorize to be used on there computers
  2. How do I find out if my computer is "locked"?
  3. If you have a pcie slot you can upgrade. How much depends on you power supply. What are your specs? PSU CPU Memory
  4. Processor type Intel Core i7
    Processor speed 3.4 MHz
    Graphics Type Discrete
    Secondary Graphics Chipset ATI Radeon HD
    General Information
    UPC Code 884116083764
    Memory size 16.0 MB
    Memory type DDR3
    Memory speed 1600.0 MHz
    Power Supply Wattage 460.0 watts
    Storage Media
    Memory stick Memory Stick
    Compact flash Yes
    SD card Yes
    Other Features
    Devices Keyboard
  5. that's up to dell and what they allow see these bios are not like the ones you get on boards like we use from asus msi asrock that are open to upgrade with in the boards compatibility.. there bios aer written for dell and only supported by dell as the boards are dell exclusive built for dell .. all you got to do is look around here at toms on guys that got what you do and see where they are at on this upgrading..

    I went to dell to look it up and theres not much they talk about on it then the company hype .. I did not see any upgrade page for it at all not eaven with dell parts..

    now you can do as you want and it all may work out just fine but if it don't well you'll know better next time ... in the end its all up to you
  6. Don't be scared. What do you have now for graphics now. I couldn't tell from the description. Assuming you have a free pcie slot, why would they put it there if you could not use it?
  7. My graphics card now is the Nivida Geforce Gt 620
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    I would get one of these but it would be pushing your power supply.,3107-4.html

    The nvidia GTX 750 TI would be a nice upgrade as well without having to upgrade your PSU.
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