Semi-damaged HDD. 1 out of 3 partitions = damaged. Can 2 other partitions be used still?

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I have a semi-damaged laptop hdd with 3 partitions (system backup, OS, data). The first partition (system backup) makes clicking sounds when trying to access it, and doesn't seem to be able to read/write without errors.
However, the other two partitions work perfectly fine in read/write and even benchmarking with no errors. I even tried re-installing an os to partition 2 and 3, and worked perfectly fine.
Since that first partition is hidden, I decided to just Unallocate it.

My question is:
Is it safe to continue using this hdd through the 2 main/undamaged partitions (either for OS or storage), without the fear of data loss or overall hdd failure?
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    it will fail, it is only a matter of time. Back it up. Now. Not Tomorrow.
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