Hard drive corrupt?

Before anyone asks I'll go ahead and list my specs.

CPU: i7 4771 @ 3.5
GPU: Sli GTX 560 ti
Ram: 8 gb Corsair Vengeance
HDD: Caviar Black 1 tb
Mobo: gigabyte z87x-hd3

I've just changed parts in my computer other than the hard drive everything is new. I've never experienced any issues with the hard drive prior to this. I plugged in my PC correctly and it boots to the main screen and asks me to select Windows 7, I select it and it blue screens while loading with the message 'A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.' I've tried system restoring to an earlier date, it says successful but repeats the process of Windows failing to fully boot. Note it also fails to repair itself.

Is this a problem with my HDD? I've got the money to go out and buy a new version of Windows and a new hard drive, but I'd like to see if there's anything I can do before spending $150-$200.
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  1. So you have this HD with an OS on it that includes drivers for all your old hardware ..... so now you have all new hardware and as the OS loads it's trying to load a bunch of drivers for components it can't find and has no drivers for new hardware that it does see .... of course it's confused :)

    The easiest thing to do at this point would be.....

    1. Buy a new HD
    2. Take out old HD, install new
    3. Install windows.... if it is a 'retail" copy, it will activate just fine. If it was an OEM copy then it may not activate depending upon how many things changed. Given your description if OEM, you will likely need a new license.
    4. Once windows installed, all new drivers installed and Windows Update run 10 times or so until it says "no mas", shut down and connect old HD. When you done installing mew programs and copying data over from old HD, you can wipe it and use it for extra storage or a backup.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply, is there anything I can do with the hard drive to load the new drivers? I have the disk that came with the motherboard if that helps.
    I bought the PC from my uncle a year or so ago, I believe the Windows is torrented to be honest.
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    You can but it's kinda a "kludge" .... several options include:

    1. Running Sysprep
    2. Running Windows repair

    But that still leaves you with and installation that may not pass activation and will leave behind loads of clutter and bloat that will hamper performance and stability. A fresh install with new hardware is always recommended.

    You will find instructions for each procedure over on
  4. Thanks for your time, I've already tried system repair and it fails. But I'll go check those out and get back when I'm done; will most likely end in me getting a new hard drive and OS. I wanted to upgrade to Windows 8.1 anyways :p
  5. Give it a shoit with the old OS DVD.... can't do any harm.... you get to use it for 30 days before ya need to have a new license....and just use the new license need to reinstall
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