How to Connect ps3 controller through bluetooth to pc

I've been using the motioninjoy drivers with the better ds3 tool for a while now to use a ps3 controller emulated as an xbox controller on my laptop, but now I'm trying to get it to work on bluetooth alone, as opposed to the wired connection.

I was told all I had to do on the better ds3 was t hit the bluetooth pairing button, but that hasn't worked so far. I've reset the controller (through the little hole in the bottom) and reconnected to motioninjoy. I've gotten everything to work again, except it appears that my laptop isn't giving the ds3 tool access to my bluetooth. under the bluetooth tab of the ds3 toll, when I click "supports features" all of the features have a question mark, as opposed to an x or a check. Additionally, It says at the top, under "Bluetooth adapter" the it is "waiting for adapter to be connected", when I know for a fact that the bluetooth is on and working, as it recognizes my phone.

How do I get my bluetooth to work in the ds3 tool or the better ds3? (btw I've made it so bluetooth devices can see my computer) Help!

Do I need to type in my computer's bluetooth mac address? that doesn't seem to be working? and what is a COM port?
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  1. you need a usb dongle. You can get one for 14 bucks on Amazon.
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