Dual monitor setup, what adapter do I buy? DVI-D/DVI-I to VGA

I have a card that outputs both DVI-D and DVI-I.

I want to connect one of these outputs to one of my cheaper monitors that only has HDMI and D-SUB (a.k.a. VGA) inputs.

The HDMI output on my card is already taken by my main monitor, which is why I'm going to have to use either the DVI-D or DVI-I to output into my D-SUB monitor input.

Therefore, I'm planning to use the VGA cable that came with the cheap monitor to connect to either the DVI-D or the DVI-I using a converter. Will this work? I'm assuming that it won't work with the DVI-D output, because that output is only digital? Is this correct?

So I'm assuming the correct choice is to buy a DVI-I to VGA adapter for my VGA cable?
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    Correct. DVI-D do not have analog signal.
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