bf4 fps drop

since this month started my fps on Bf4 has drop from 80-90 to 45-60 it happens randomly nothing special happens to make it do it. my specs are AMD phenom II x4 965 8GB readon 7770
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  1. Update your GPU's driver. Update all of your MOB's drivers.
    Update Windows. If you have any OC disable it.
    If it has it, update the game. Run a virus check. (You never know)
    Use MS Security Essentials.

    Make sure your system is running cool. You can use HWMonitor to check your temps.

    See if your GPU has problems.

    Check the PSU. When one fails it can cause tons of problems.

    Run Resource Monitor and see what your workload is.
  2. the link for the gpu does not work for me or the psu link also i got a bios update but it is a cap file and i do not know how to use it and my cpu usage is 98-85 that when my fps went to 60.... when it hit 98 again and went down to 56 fps
  3. Hmm the website must have changed the links.

    This may help you.

    From my research it has to do with a bug in the driver for the HD 7770.

    They are making a new drivers, but the release date is unknown.
  4. so should i go from 14.6 back to the old drivers
  5. I would go back to the old or a stable driver and wait for the new one to get finished.
  6. at first it was running smooth no stuttering but it still its low fps but it seems it takes more then 5-10mins to do so...i really do not know why this is happening was never like this i guess ill have to save money and buy this secound build i have made on pcparts.this time ill go with i7 and a gtx 770 superclock
  7. Check the GPU's temps. The card my be overheating.

    That will work ^^^^^

    If the GPU gets above 65C the temps is getting too high.
    It does depend on the GPU though.
  8. last time i check it said 67i guess ill have to clean my gpu..i also did play more hardly seen it so i hope clean my gpu works
  9. My GPU never gets over 60C, so even 65C seems high for me.
    Your GPU is at 152.6 degrees. Open your case and have a house fan blow on the GPU. (Fast fan)
    If the problem goes away then your GPU may need more cooling.
  10. alright i need to buy something t clean my gpu what should i use
  11. A vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air should work.
  12. okay i made a mistake my gpu usage was 68....but i should had check more often to see it gos up to 98...the temps are really 48-54
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    powertech said:
    okay i made a mistake my gpu usage was 68....but i should had check more often to see it gos up to 98...the temps are really 48-54

    Ok, That sounds normal. I would downgraded to an older more stable driver.
    Update the driver when the new one comes out.
  14. okay thanks for all the help ill still save up for a better computer this ime it will be more powerfully
  15. You could also sell your old system to get more $$ for the new one.
  16. right i could all was do that
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