watch dogs low FPS on gtx 560 ?

gtx 560 SE and i play it on low settings 1280*720 on 20 FPS !!
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  1. post the rest of your specs
  2. The GTX 560 SE is an underclocked card meant for low power consumption. Additionally, it has 1GB of VRAM, which is a problem in Watchdogs.
    You may still be getting lower performance than you're supposed to, but don't expect a miracle.

    Also, as emdea22 said, you need to post the rest of your components.
  3. specs are i5 3330 8gb ram and the video card is overclocked to 1.5
  4. low power GPU, with low Vram = low settings and frame rate
  5. qadrology said:
    specs are i5 3330 8gb ram and the video card is overclocked to 1.5

    You mean 1.5Ghz!?
    Take a temperature reading after an hour of stress testing on that video card. If you've really overclocked it that high it's probably damaging itself or throttling itself down from the heat.
  6. you guys mean that this is the max performance of this video card for this game ? i mean can it do better ?
  7. nope, that's it I'm afraid. Watch dogs is very demanding (ie. poorly optimised) even for a R9-290 with 3-5 times the performance.
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    At that resolution and low settings his fps should be higher. Make sure everything is on low including textures and antialiasing. Set the GPU to stock speeds, the card might not handle your overclock.
  9. ok thanks :D
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