I am not finding anywhere to add a wireless network on my Acer AX. It won't even show me the presence of any wireless networks

I have a problem accessing a wireless network. I can't find anywhere where it even will acknowledge the presence of a wireless network. It was previously online using an ethernet cable.
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  1. look under ethernet adaptors see if someone turned off the wifi card. look under system/device manager under ethernet see if there a wifi card installed.
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    Right click the Network icon in the taskbar notification area and click on Open Network and Sharing Center... If you have a Wireless card installed and configured connection... it should be accessible there.
  3. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. Under network connections, I have the option to connect through WAN Miniport (PPPOE) and when I try, I get Error 651: The modem has reported an error. The modem works fine and this computer was working fine when wired into a modem. This is an Acer AX1410-UR10P.
  4. Doesn't look like you have installed the wireless adapter... You can't connect through Miniport, this is already in Windows when it's installed. You have to connect through a connection named as the wireless network adapter which should be accessible after you install the wireless driver... if it's already installed, (Windows 7/8 install network adapters automatically) it should appear in the Device Manager. If so, in the Network and sharing Center.. click on Change Adapter Settings / right click on the Wifi Connection / click on connect and type the router name and password
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