PSU +12v rail = 15v

hey, Hwmonitor, OCCT, Speccy... show me +12v rail in 15,4v... but bios show me 12,4v, is it a problem? can damage my system? D:

System Win8
Asus F1A55-M lx Plus
Cpu Apu Oc 3,5 Ghz (Corsair Hydro 60)
Video Msi Gtx 670 Oc Version
Ram Cosar 2x4 8Gb 1600
Psu Cooler Master Gx750w
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  1. Software programs are very bad for inaccurate power readings.

    12.4 is a bit high, but still within spec(I think 5% is still spec for 12 volt and you are just over 3%)
  2. yes its a problem, verify the readings with a DVM/Voltmeter.
  3. Spec is 11.4-12.6V so technically 12.4 is still in spec, but it is still higher than you would normally like it.

    Software programs just sorta pull voltage numbers out of a dark place these days, if you actually want to know what the voltages are while your system is running you will need a DMM that you can probe a molex connector with.

    Which Cooler Master GX 750 do you have? There were two, one by Seventeam that ends in E3 the other by Enhanced that ends in D3, there is also the GX II by Enhanced that ends in B1. The whole GX series is kinda marginal :/

    The voltage level shown there won't hurt anything, but depending on which model you have i'd be wary of OCing since the first gen GX unit went out of spec on 3.3V ripple above about 70% load which can hurt things.
  4. If you do not have a voltmeter, get one for ~$20 from the local hobby or hardware store. Those might be crappy but should still be far more likely to be accurate.
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