Combining/bridging two networks while keeping internet seperate.

So I have 5 computers at home along with various laptops/phones etc but I'll try to keep this simple for my own sake.

As only one is mine and the other 4 are the kids I want to have "total control" so to speak, as such I'm looking at free/reasonably priced "cybercafe" software.

My concern is this, we have two fully seperate 8mb/s lines coming into the house, and as such have two seperate networks. But I want to combine things a little. Not the internet speed or anything like that, essentially this is what I want to know if it's possible to do, and how to wire or otherwise achieve it in any roundabout kind of way.

2 computers on one internet connection, 2 on the other, but all 5 computers in the same "network" with printers and all connected to and "lorded over" by the 5th computer.

Is this in any way possible? For example having multiple network cards, both routers going into my PC which then throws one internet connection into 1 switch that shares it with 2 computers, and another into another switch for the other two, while keeping a third output to a switch with the printers on that both networks can then access.

At present I have a handful of basic 8 port switches and two ethernet/WiFi routers, and unfortunately cannot find dual-wan routers which I hear would be ideal for this to some extent.
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  1. You need a dedicated router to do this. it can be a PC running a custom OS but not like you want. A dual WAN router with everything on one network makes far more sense
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    If you are able to build a firewall, PFSense is an example of an opensource firewall that supports multi-WAN. I am not sure how difficult it is to load balance, but I know there are other opensource firewalls that can also do this.
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