what is best wireless card for desktop P C and how to install it?

getting a P C that was hard wired and has no wireless card.
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  1. PCI or PCIE?
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    wireless N, also how old is the pc? if its older then 6yrs pci maybe your only option if its withen past 6-8yrs then you might have the option of either however if its withen the past say 5years then youd prolly want a wireless-N pci-e as far as installing it install it to the only slot it will fit in. and if you want to air on the safe side I believe most pc's have a pci slot so wireless-n card pci

    there is a difference between a pci and a pci-e any one inch slots will be your pci-e 1 and 4x. your longer slots excluding ones like where the graphics card is installed in will be your pci slots generally these are brown color I believe
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