How to have laptop go to tv and through amplifiers

i have a laptop i watch movies on and i have an hdtv.And i have 3 amplifiers with a headphone that goes through all of them.How would i have audio coming through amplifier surround sound and hdmi go thrgough tv.Now the amplifiers do not have any ports but headphone ports they are small and i have one car amplifier and regular mini amplifier,and a computer sound speakers and subwoofer all going to one headphone splitter that goes into whatever devcie wants sound to go through.
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  1. why do you have 3 amplifiers for a pair of headphones? typically headphones which need amps are stereo only.

    what sound system are you looking to hook up?

    you need to explain your setup better as i'm not quite sure what you are doing as is. be specific.

    right now all i know is that you have pc speakers, headphones of some sort, 3 amplifiers for some reason and that you use 3.5mm input to the amps.
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    Your laptop should have a headphone jack on it. That should be able to give you sound even with the HDMI connected to the TV. You may have to adjust this in the audio or video control panel on the laptop. If you cannot then you can use one of these to extract the audio:
    from the HDMI
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