Higher Cpu frequency= faster cpu speed?

Wanted to buy a new cpu, and possibly build a new gaming pc. I was just wondering if a higher cpu frequency= more speed, or what to look for in order to buy a decently fast cpu.
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    Yes and no is the answer, So if you are comparing two cpus from the same architecture the higher clock rates are more or less a good way to judge the faster cpu. But when you start comparing different brands and or models within a siungle brand clock rates arent everything. Each model will be able to do more/less per clock so a higher clocked cpu could still be slower than another
  2. If you want to game, clockrates are not really the way to go anymore. While there are some games that are CPU bound, but even these can live with a comparably slow cpu (e.g. I am getting brilliant fps with a 6 year old i7 920 on stock clocks + a GTX 780). But if you choose a cpu now, there is no reason not to buy something fast. It just means you have more years to go on without dropping performance. If you edit videos or use photoshop a lot, that is a whole other matter...
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