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Hi, so I've been fooling around with an old rig of mine. It originally started as a Dell XPS Gen 5 Gaming PC with a 500 gb HD, ATI X850XT Platinum Card, and the Pentium D Dual Core 3.00ghz. I did an upgrade to this pc years ago giving it windows 7 64bit OS, and a total of 8 GB of DDR2 Ram. A relative of mine discarded an XFX Radeon R9 270 2GB 925 and gave it to me. This PC has always been somehow a decent powerhouse considering it's age, and seems to only be failing in a graphical department for a majority of the games I'd still play on it (which are still installed from forever ago) and I'm wondering if there's any way to make this type of mixture compatible? I'm sure I'll have to replace parts but am quite curious as to me options, i'm not very tech savvy anymore so I have no problem asking for help ha.
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    The Pentium D was not a great processor when new and is now hopelessly outdated for just about everything especially gaming. Adding an R9 270X to that computer will just create a huge bottleneck with the CPU crippling the card. I'm sure it seemed great in it's day but that computer is ready for the great scrapheap in the sky ;)

    Just as a food for thought comparison a 3.4Ghz Pentium D is roughly equivalent to a new 1.2Ghz Atom netbook processor.
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