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This is my new computer. Just waiting for the cpu to be sent to me and I will start. However I have never dealt with any SSD before. Should i be able to set up windows just like before or is there any special steps needed to be taken before I can get everything set up. I have tried to read up on some stuff but almost all the stuff I find is for cloning and moving over. This is a fresh system and I want to know what is best. I will put a few select games I play and the OS on the ssd then all the clutter on the hhd. Any help please or point me to a good link
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    nothing iis different in the OS... whether its ssd or hdd, it will be detected as a storage drive... from there you install OS like you normally would...
    just prepared to be amazed at the speeds is all I can say
  2. the only thing I can may add, is that if you can pay a little more, and get 530-560 read SSD... dont worry about spending more, these things live a long and safe life, and I bet you will be using it over 5 years...
    lets just say my friend has 450mb read ssd and I have 550mb... he boots about 45 seconds, I boot about 30 seconds...
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