Will this build work (main concern: will my components fit in the Zalman Z3 plus?)

Hello I am a first time custom PC builder. I have chosen my components and I would just like to know from some more experienced people whether the components I have chosen will fit together (does the motherboard and psu have enough connectors) and whether or not when they are fit together, they will fit in the Zalman Z3 plus mid tower case.

I am slightly unsure because I have not done this before and unlike some cases there is no indication of maximum GPU and PSU size that will fit in the case, and of the 4 pre-installed fans I only know that 1 of them is a 4 pin molex connection (via watching countless YouTube unboxing videos). I am unsure if my motherboard will fit all the fans in. I am unsure if the PSU has enough power.

If any of you think that there is better components out there for a cheaper/ the same price, I would also like to know, though it would be most convenient if it is from scan (I am in UK), as that is where I plan on getting all my components from. I plan on using this computer for CAD and gaming. Thank you in advance.
Intel Core i5-4690K 3.50GHz (Devil's Canyon), I am using the stock heatsink and fan
MSI Radeon R9 280 Gaming 3G 3GB AMD PCI Express Graphics Card, I am not using any VGA cooler
MSI Z97-G43, Intel Z97, Socket 1150, Motherboard
Corsair Memory Vengeance Blue 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz CAS 9 XMP Dual Channel Desktop
Kingston ssdNow SV300S37A/V300 120GB UltraSlim 7mm SATA 3 SSD
Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB Blue Desktop Hard Drive
XFX PRO550W P1-550S-XXB9 Power Supply (PSU) Core Edition
Optical Disk Drive:
Samsung SH-118BB/BEBE Black 18x SATA DVD ROM - OEM
Zalman Z3 Plus Black Mid Tower Case with Side Window USB 3.0
Wireless card:
Edimax EW-7612PIn 300Mbps Wireless 802.11 b/g/n PCI-e Adapter
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    Looks pretty good.

    If you want to OC it in future, you'll probably want an aftermarket cooler.
  2. XFX Pro is a solid PSU but you should consider buying 650W PSU for this setup.

    Why not Samsung EVO 840 120GB SSD?

    Why not R9 280x?

    Mobo is good though Asus Z97-A may be considered.
  3. 550W is plenty.

    Yeah, the Samsung is a better SSD. Crucial M500 is the other option.
  4. Yes Crucial M500 is also a good option. Get whichever is cheaper.
  5. Thank you for all you guidance! I will have a look at the SSDs mentioned though I probably won't be overclocking so will not get an aftermarket cooler or higher wattage PSU. R9 280X is a bit over budget unfortunately!
    Does anyone happen to own the zalman z3 plus and comment on the space for the fitting of the components and cable/wiring space?
  6. If you're not OCing, there's little point in a K-sku chip or Z97 board. Get an H97 one and a midrange i5, and pour the money into the GPU.
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