It might sound stupid but when using headphones and a microphone should i plug the cables on the front of the case or should

Motherboard or front panel , which one is better, or there is bo difference
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  1. I plug mine in the front since I have some cheap headset and don't care about the quality however it does make a hissing sound when plugged in the front but not when plugged in the back. If you care about interference then plug in the back, otherwise go front.
  2. They both hook into the motherboard it shouldn't matter
  3. hi. i believe backplate jack is more isolated from pc interfearence than front, and also usualy has better quality connection (sometimes gold plated), othervise i use one on my keyboard for gaming. i dont see any difference if no need for hq sound.
    hope that helps.
  4. Really, there's no difference.

    Unless you've got a headset that works off more than 2.1 surround. I know of only a few that do, but these headsets will require 2, 3, up to I think even 6 (for 7.1 surround) jacks to be plugged into specific slots.
    However, these kinds of headphones are less common, and usually only apply to people who know what they're getting into.

    In terms of quality when using a standard 1/8th inch stereo jack, the quality will almost always be just as good in front as it is in back.
    The only real exceptions are issues such as a loose or damaged wire, which can be present in the front, but are (almost) non-existent problems in the back I/O panel.
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